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The Resonance - Judgement Day lyrics

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah (ding dong and drumbeat in the background)

Will you be saved at this end time?
Will you follow Jesus on his way up?
Or will you be set ablaze in the fires of Hell?
Nothing will be done to save you.

Will you be saved at this endtime? (wi-ll yo-you be saved at this end-time?)
Will you follow Jesus on his way up?
Or will you be set ablaze in the fires of hell?
Nothing, nothing nothing there to save you

A word is enough for the wise
And the truth must surely be spoken
It's time we read in between the lines
For us who call ourselves christians
And yet the sin we're living
We say we're far from leaving God
But the devil we're giving in, believing in
The doctrines are saying that Jesus is christ
But aint enough to set us free to every concerns and pride
But going to church for even ourselves and the public
Won't save us
Abiding to his holy scriptures that his son gave us
He died on the cross so that we might win another life
So far his holyspirit strengthened and even braved us
And now we've turned our back to him
And saying yes to the world
Now we're turning around the bible and rephrasing his words

(At judgement day, ah ah ah ah ah)

See the circle match to the evil we wear
Living the life of the devil like we just don't care
Heaven we wanna make but the cross we never take it
We love Jesus but his commandments we always break it
Oh we don't wanna work
But we all wanna excel
We all wanna go to heaven
But we work towards hell

(Oh... At judgement day)

Brother's lemme ask you this question that will get you all thinking
Don't men who question your faith got you all sinking?
But if you pass away today where would you be?
Where do you think you'll spend the rest of your eternity, mortality?
Of course this is reality
Heaven or hell, you decide what it's going to be, be, be
(At judgement day)

Reapeat chorus

(Telephone rings)

Man: whose's there?

Devil: it's the devil, come follow me and upload to another level
I'll get the riches of the world right in your palm
The sweetess of them girls I will throw around in your arms

Man: oh no, listen lucifer
I'm never your type
I'm a believer
I don't need none of your hype

Devil: I could make you suffer no more
Bother no more
Success and happiness I will throw right at your door
All I ask of you is to surrender you soul

Man: never, Jesus Lord has taken control

Devil: forget him

Man: Oh no I won't He's my Lord,
He's My Elshaddai
My only one
(At judgement)

Devil: listen fool
Can't you see the world around you calling you names
Everyone that try to ground you pound you
Borrow me and I'll make you big
You'll be the largest man around
Own the whole town even have our own crown like a king
You'll have everything ever green
Every scene your face on magazines
Stacks of benjamin
You know what I mean
Just by the wave of your hand
You'll have everything

Man: what need would it be if I gained the whole world
And I gained the whole girls
And I gained the whole pearls
And I lose my soul?
That means losing my goal
Hell no
Jesus is the one I'll surrender my soul to
I will never give in to the lies that you tell
Flee from me I don't wanna endup straight in up hell
I will never give you my soul no matter the price
I'll only bow down to one God and that's Jesus the christ

(At judegement day)

Repeat chorus till all fades

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