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Gagong Rapper - Foolish Heart (remix) lyrics

Chorus singing:
Foolish heart hear me calling
Stop before you start falling
Foolish heart, hear my warning
You've been wrong, you've been wrong
Foolish heart

Natz rap bridge
Foolish heart, I got a foolish heart
First sight I loved you from the start
I gave you everything my love n my heart
But when you had it gurl you threw it back and tore it apart

Foolish heart, I got a foolish heart
I should a known rightt from the start
You never loved me you just soon depart
I wasn't smart I was blind I gota foolish heart

1st verse:
First time we met girl I was so sure
Love at first site your face would shine I couldn't ignore
The type of girl I'd think about every night and dream about
Things to talk about when I would see you out n about

So when the time came out I wasn't really really ready
I turned around and "poof" you appeared before me
You saw me, my eyes filled with uncertainty
But I was just struck to get to talk to you so privately

It's crazy, looking at you got me lost in your eyes
Wasn't lust, if it was then I'd b checking out ur thys
Cleanliness deep inside is everything I saw
Now if I'm a fallen angel girl then your the way to heavens door

I was just too young to be in love
Infatuated by hugs addicted like I'm on drugs
Led me on to think you was, that you felt the same but
You never told me that you had another guy for a bub

So that sucked, kept trying, still no progression
Getting hints, but statements still ending with same "sentence"
Like "I love you, but only as a dear close friend"
Why you gotta flirt gurl if I don't realy got a chance huh?

Chorus singing

Natz rap bridge:

2nd verse:
Yo was it really necessary all the games you played
When you play with matches that's what happens, burns to flames
Just like me, devastated and so clueless
I was so sure, there was no way I could refuse this

Played me for a fool now I'm left with nothing
Loved then hated you then loved again for a moment
Said dat I was over it but I still came back
100 times you broke my heart should start a heart attack

100 times you said I love you. Now the words just fade
The lies keep bringing tears of pain just like pepper spray
The sight of you that used to keep me from the feeling of sadness
Now the vision that points everything the reason for sadness

And I can't bare the thoughts of seeing you with him
Cuz when your with him I feel a sudden pain within
A force of thinking my anger realy puts me off
No more sense of real direction I'm just always lost

In my mind, mixed feelings bringing confusion
Non-communicatable like a foreign exchange student
Dam, the worst feelings not to be loved
By the person you believe that you were destined to be with

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